Specifier – March 2012

For the first phase of the upgrade of the Adcock Ingram factory in Aeroton, Gauteng, Vitrex was called on to supply change room cubicles and benches, and Bitcon Industries, a division of Vitrex, was contracted to provide fire doors.

Christian Cottino, sales and marketing director of Vitrex, says Vitraflex change room cubicles and Bitcon Rubidor fire door and frame assemblies were supplied and installed for the main contractor, Murray & Roberts Buildings.

The white Vitraflex change room cubicles were fitted with integral vitreous enamelled steel benches.  Telescopic leg anchors were used to secure the cubicles to the floor.  These facilitate cleaning and improve hygiene by reducing the potential for bacterial growth at the base of the stiles.

“Hygiene was an important factor in the specification of vitreous enamelled steel surfaces for this pharmaceutical production facility” says Cottino. “Authoritative European studies of the bacteriological properties of nine different materials  have concluded that vitreous enamelled steel provides the maximum protection against bacteria.  Vitreous enamelled steel – or ‘porcelain steel’ – showed the best decontamination qualities, no matter how infected or chemically washed the product was, and it also fared best when it came to non-formation of mould flora”, Cottino says.

Regarding the specification of Bitcon’s Rubidor hinged fire doors, which can be clad with various finishes such as Masonite, timber veneer, Formica, and stainless steel, Cottino says that for this contract, the specifying consultants, SSI, requested the use of vitreous enamelled steel cladding.  “Vitreous enamelled steel is also fire and heat resistant, making it an ideal choice for cladding fire doors.”

The extreme surface hardness of vitreous enamelled steel is produced by fusing three layers of glass to sheet steel at temperatures of over 800˚C.  The resultant durable surface is corrosion-proof, imperious to chemicals and spray paints and graffiti-proof and it requires minimal maintenance.

“The cubicles’ waterproof qualities make them ideal for use in wet areas and they can withstand high pressure water jet cleaning.  The partition elements are manufactured as single sheet units with no joints, which adds rigidity and enhances the product’s appearance and hygienic qualities,” Cottino adds.